Solo Projects


Paul Kantner & Jefferson Starship
Blows Against The Empire 1970 Lp Cd info
Paul Kantner - Grace Slick  
Sunfighter 1971 Lp Cd info
Paul Kantner - Grace Slick - David Freiberg
Baron Von Tollboth & The Chrome Nun 1973 Lp Cd info
Paul Kantner
Planet Earth Rock & Roll Orchestra 1983 Lp info
A Guide Through The Chaos - PK's spoken history - 1996 Cd info
Grace Slick
Manhole 1973 Lp Cd info
Dreams 1980 Lp info
Welcome To The Wrecking Ball 1981 Lp Cd info
Software 1984 Lp info
The Best Of 1999 Cd info
Seasons / Angel Of The Night 1980
Marty Balin
Balin 1981 Lp info
Lucky    1983 Lp info
There's No Shoulder EP info
Better Generation 1991 Cd info
Wish I Were 1995 Cd info
Freedom Flight 1997 Cd info
Hearts / Freeway 1981 info
Jack Casady
Dream Factor 2003 Cd info
Craig Chaquico
Acoustic Highway 1993 Cd info
Joe E. Covington
Fat Fandango 1973 Lp info
Papa John Creach
Papa John Creach 1971 Lp info
Filthy 1972 Lp info
Playing My Fiddle For You 1974 Lp info
I'm The Fiddle Man 1975 Lp info
Rockfather 1976 Lp info
The Cat & The Fiddle 1977 Lp info
Inphasion 1978 Lp info
The Best Of Papa John Creach 1992 Cd info
Papa John Down Home Blues / String Jet Rock 1971
Filthy Funky part 1 / Filthy Funky part 2 1972
Jorma Kaukonen
Quah 1974 Lp Cd info
Jorma 1979 Lp info
Barbeque King 1981 Lp info
Too  Hot Too Handle 1985 Lp info
Too Many Years 1998 Cd info
Peter Kaukonen
Black Kangaroo 1972 Lp info
Mickey Thomas
Alive Alone 1981 Lp info