year of release:   1972



Papa John Creach - violin & vocals


Carl Byrd - drums

Kevin Moore - guitar

John Parker - keyboards

Holden Raphael - percussions

Sam Williams - bass

HOT TUNA on Walking The Tou-Tou

Jack Casady - bass

Jorma Kaukonen - guitar

Sammy Piazza - drums

 track list

 1)   Filthy Funky

 2)   No More Country Girls

 3)   Don't Tell It To No One

 4)   Mother's Day

 5)   Walking The Tou-Tou

 6)   Everybody Wants My Good Thing

 7)   Far Out

 8)   Give Me An Hour In Your Garden

 9)   Time Out For Sex

10)  Up In The Alley

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