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Jefferson Starship - Italy Tour 2003




04.27.03  Naima Club - Forli, Italy



St Charles, Wooden Ships, She Has Funny Cars, Crown Of Creation, White Rabbit, Good Shepherd, Count On Me, Darkly Smiling, Hyperdrive, Miracles, Hearts, Runaway, Atlanta Lady, Freeway Jam, Sunrise > Have You seen The Saucers > Starship, Greasy Heart, Young Girl Sunday Blues, Ride The Tiger, Somebody To Love, The Ballad Of You & Me & Pooneil > Teaching The Computers > The Ballad Of You & Me & Pooneil, Volunteers. encore: Comin' Back To Me, The Other Side Of This Life, Its No Secret



Paul Kantner - Marty Balin - Diana Mangano - Slick Aguilar - Chris Smith - Prairie Prince - Tom Lilly




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Paul Kantner

Paul Kantner



Paul Kantner

Paul Kantner



Paul Kantner

Paul Kantner



Paul Kantner

Paul Kantner



Diana Mangano

Diana Mangano



Marty Balin - Tom Lilly

Marty Balin



Paul Kantner - Prairie Prince - Diana Mangano -

Paul - Prairie -Diana



Paul Kantner -  Diana Mangano

Paul - Diana



Marty Balin - Slick Aguilar - Tom Lilly

Marty - Slick - Tom



Paul Kantner - Diana Mangano

Paul - Diana



Jefferson Starship

Diana - Marty - Slick - Tom



Diana Mangano

Diana Mangano


 Diana Mangano - Slick Aguilar

Diana - Slick


Tom Lilly - Slick Aguilar

Tom - Slick




Slick Aguilar - Tom Lilly - Chris Smith

Slick - Tom - Chris



Slick Aguilar

Slick Aguilar



Tom LillY

Tom Lilly


San Giorgio Hotel

Hotel San Giorgio


Michael Gaiman - Leo

Michael Gaiman



Steve - Graham - Louise - Jeff - Lesley - Adrian




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